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Regain a luxuriant head of hair ...


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Grow hair fast

 Do you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair?
Is your hair is dull, brittle, and lost its vitality?

Hair falling out

 Are you losing hair after pregnancy, a stress
period or after Covid-19?

Baldness for men

Do you suffer from baldness and consider taking action?
Will you preserve your existing natural hair around your transplant for the coming years?

Join REYU - the natural revolution


The REYU REPAIR program

  • We concentrate on the quality and luster of your hair;

  • For those who suffer from thin and dull hair, or lost the luster through the years with diverse hair manipulations, such as extensions, bleaching or perm.

79 EUR x 4 sessions 

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The REYU HAIR LOSS program

  • Stops sudden and profuse hair loss, depending on the cause of hair loss. Physical or mental stress, delivery of your baby or sudden hormonal changes are the main cause;

In this program we apply a short boost of minimally 4 sessions with a week interval (1 session a week) to stop the hair loss, after which we protect your hair for the long term with the REPAIR program.

149 EUR x 4 sessions 

bef.after growth.png


  • This program aims at reviving your “dormant” hair follicles (about 30.000) and generate new hairs, thus eliminating your baldness;

The inclusion criteria for the hair growth program will depend on your stage of baldness, your age, and aggravating factors. Once the criteria are met, you can benefit from our “Money Back Guarantee” plan, as the results can be measured! We start with 6 sessions
over 6 weeks (1 session a week), followed by a 7th and 8th session, 2 and 8 weeks later. After completion we protect your hair against baldness with the REPAIR program.

199 EUR x 8 sessions 

When is this something for me?

• You suffer from significant hair loss;
• Your hair gets thinner;
• You suffer from hair loss that is hereditary;
• Your hair lacks vitality and lost its lustre;
• Widening of your hair partings;
• You are considering a hair transplant and would like a few sessions to prepare
for your surgery;
• You have had a hair transplant and wish to nourish your growing transplants
and stop your further hair loss.

Sounds familiar?

Our Clients Say

 "Following a car accident with a perforated abdomen, I started to lose my hair due to the shock of the operation. In 2018, I had a hair transplant and discovered Dr. Karavani’s Biofeedback technology. Since then I have been having a session every other month. His Biofeedback technology has allowed the grafts to heal well and to keep the remaining hair healthy. My hair is thick and full, my scalp is soft and I have no dandruff or itchiness since then."

Frederic Landa Haute Couture Designer Former Supervisor of the Haute Couture collections of Dior. Owner of Le Prince d’Anvers Joined The Natural Revolution.

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Hair loss and baldness is a widespread problem. More than 66% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35. By the age of 50, 85% of men and 50% of women will have significantly thinner hair. But before we look at the solution, let’s dive into the origins of hair growth.

Hair grows in small living pouches we call follicles. A hair follicle is a tube-like structure (pore) that surrounds the root and strand of a hair. The base of the follicle bulges, forming a hair bulb, and is invaginated by connective tissue known as dermal papilla. The dermal papilla contains many tiny blood vessels and nerve projections which nourish follicles (Pic 1). These follicles produce hair, a non-living material made from keratin. The same material as our nails. We are born with over one million hair follicles on our head, of which about 100.000 will grow out to cover our scalp at adulthood. Several conditions may affect the quality of the hair follicle.

How to grow my hear longer

The growth of the hair in the follicle is cyclical and can be divided into four phases (Pic 2). The first phase is the growth phase or anagen and is the longest and takes years.

The second phase is a transition phase or catagen and is the shortest and takes several weeks. In the third phase or telogen the hair starts to fall over a period of 3 to 6 months – the shedding phase. The fourth phase is the exogen (actually an early next anagen phase), where new hairs are pushing the old ones out, and a new hair is getting ready to take its place.

The longer the anagen phase, the thicker and longer our hair will be. Young and healthy people have a long anagen phase that shifts slowly towards the telogen phase. Several conditions may affect the length of each phase in the cycle.

Thick and long hair are the result of both, a healthy hair follicle and of a well- functioning hair cycle, especially a long anagen phase.

Healthy hair growth

Conditions affecting the Hair Cycle

It is normal to shed approximately 30-150 hairs from our scalp daily as part of our hair cycle. This can vary depending on washing and brushing routines. Hair regrows automatically so that the total number of hairs on our head remains constant.

A sudden traumatic experience can result in a marked increase in the number of hairs shed each day. An increased proportion of hairs shift from the growing phase (anagen) to the shedding phase (telogen). Normally only 10% of the scalp hair is in the telogen phase, but in this situation the anagen phase ends abruptly and hair shift immediately into the telogen phase, that increases to 30% or more. This happens naturally after the delivery of a baby, or after physical or mental stress situations. Some diseases can cause that shift as well. We call it the TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM. A very common cause that can be dealt with easily with REYU.

Conditions affecting the Hair Follicle

Aging, steady hormonal decline, combined with a genetic predisposition will gradually deteriorate the lifeline of the hair follicle. This results in a miniaturization of the hair follicle, a shorter anagen phase and ultimately less and thinner hair. Hair follicles shifting to this condition are referred to a “sleeping hair follicles”. Increase in sleeping hair follicles due to this cause is the most common type of hair loss, named AGA or ANDRO GENETIC ALOPECIA. Men and women are affected by this type of baldness, although each with its own pattern as shown in the chart of AlviArmani (Pic 3).

Alvi Armani

Hair loss through follicular regression is due to the degeneration of the vessels and nerves that run from the brain and heart to the hair follicle, and back. We call them the biofeedback loops. Lymphatics play a role too. Nerves, vessels and lymphatics deteriorate with aging, stress, poor lifestyle, diseases, and other external aggressions that will be examined during your first consultation. When the hair follicle fails to receive enough nourishment to its cells, the hair starts thinning and the follicle becomes dormant. Ultimately the hair follicle will vanish.

Balding men have on average of 30.000 sleeping hair follicles. They become bald as hair thins out. Our latest technology guarantees a result for AGA within 3 months if you have enough “dormant” hair follicles. This is the case in individuals aged between 25 years to 50 years with mild to moderate baldness corresponding to the framed heads on the AlviArmani scale: Class 2 to Class 5.

Conditions affecting the Hair Follicle

The vast majority of people suffer from unmanageable hair that lost its vitality and luster. Dull and unmanageable hair is often the result of overstyling, physical damage to the hairs, perm, bleaching or coloration. This is often the case with extensions or
wigs that are attached to the existing hair. Internal causes are equally important and include nutritional deficiencies, intoxications, some medications, and diseases that affect hair quality. As the causes may vary, so does the treatment.

Fragile hair roots need the intense nourishment that REYU can provide with the REPAIR program.


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REYU regenerates the biofeedback loops and restores the activity of the hair follicles in a natural way.

Within 4 weeks, dull hair is repaired, hair loss can be stopped, and after 12 weeks, sleeping hair follicles are regenerated and new hair is visible. With over 30.000 renewed hairs in 12 weeks.


REYU CLEM enhances the nervous connections to the hair follicle, the vascular flow to the capillaries, and the lymphatic drainage around the hair follicle. It acts as our natural PRP, as it degranulates the platelets already present in the scalp and pushes them to release their growth factors. This means that there is no need to inject platelets drawn from our blood, as there are 40 to 100 times more platelets waiting “on site” for degranulation. REYU has also potent anti- inflammatory effects on the hair follicle itself


REYU is a powerful treatment for hair repair, hair loss, baldness, and is very effective for the regeneration of newly transplanted hair as well. REYU activates the hair follicles at their core and keeps the hair growing, long after the stimulation has ended. Definitely the most appealing method for hair restoration.

REYU is a game changer.

Contact us to get renewed and strong hair

REYU is a creation of the Dr. Ilan Karavani 


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